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[Local Guides] Best Beaches & Rum Shops in Barbados

We love to feature local residents willing to write guides on their firsthand experiences.  Big thanks to Barbados citizen, Stace Gilkes! You can read her bio below.

Barbados is a beautiful little island located in the Caribbean.

There are direct flights daily from most major airports such as Miami, JFK, Toronto, and London.  Just check out this guide from Fodors.  There are so many activities to do and so many beaches to explore that you shouldn’t be bored here. 


Rum shops are little bars located in the villages around Barbados. Usually if you see a church, you can expect to spot a rum shop nearby.

Rum shops have crazy drinks specials and it’s not only rum being served (but definitely drink the rum).  Most places offer a 3 for $5 US beer special.

South Coast

We are going to start our adventure on the South Coast, this part of the island is busy and easily accessible with most restaurants and beaches within walking distance.

There are so many beautiful restaurants to eat at with stunning views overlooking the ocean, but this guide is here to provide you with a little local flair to your trip.

South Coast | Beaches

There are so many options here so I will just give you a few good ones.

Silver Sands Beach

Close to the airport there is Silver Sands Beach. This is the place to go for kitesurfing and windsurfing.  If you are looking for a little adventure you can book some lessons from one of the shops here.

Accra Beach

As you continue along the coast you will reach Accra Beach. It is one of the more popular beaches of the south coast due to its close proximity to amenities.  Click HERE for more info

Pebbles Beach

Pebbles Beach is the next popular beach on this coast. Here you will find the Cruising Club and Paddle Barbados, where you can rent any beach equipment you want. Rent a couple of chairs and umbrellas from one of the boys for the day and then head over to cruising club to rent paddleboards, surfboards, and kayaks.  Click HERE for more info. 

South Coast | Places to Eat

Hungry?  Check out the best places to eat!


It’s not exactly a rum shop, but one of the most popular places around Barbados is our fast food chain, Chefette.

They have a variety of options from roti's to chicken sandwiches. Chefette is definitely a must do at some point on your trip.

Oistins Fish Market

Oistins is where you want to go on the south coast for some real bajan food. Here you will find lots of different shops each with their own specialty.

This place is popular on a Friday night.  You will find the music pumping and the drinks flowing with some awesome drinks specials! Click HERE for more info. 

West Coast

West Coast | Beaches

Paynes Bay

One of the more popular beaches you will get to on the west is called Paynes Bay. This beach is home to a few sea turtles which you can swim out to. You won’t be able to miss it as the catamarans always go out there with their tours. This beach has become fairly busy in recent years. There is water skiing and jet skiing available along the coast.  Click HERE for more info.

Alleyne's Bay

Continuing north there is Alleyne’s Bay. This is one of my favorite beaches. It is a long stretch of beach with a lot going on. Jet skiing and water skiing are available here as well, along with paddle boards available for rent and some nice places to eat.  Click HERE for more info. 

Mullins Beach

Mullins beach is the next stop in the parish of St. Peter. It has also become a popular stretch of beach with a lot of activities for the family from trampolines to jet skis with a restaurant right on the beach.  Click HERE for more info.  

West Coast | Places to Eat

This is where you will find the celebrities around the high season. Lots of posh restaurants and bars make this coast the place to be. There are definitely a couple of local gems hidden on this coast as well.

The Golden Anchor

Opposite Folkstone Marine Park there is The Golden Anchor. Come down here on a Thursday night with a few friends for quiz night and some fish and chips, it's a great vibe with more drinks specials.  Click HERE for more info. 

The Garden

As you continue up the coast you will reach The Garden in St James. There is a little food stall here run by Marva. This is where you get your pudding and souse on a Saturday. This is as bajan as you can get on a Saturday so grab a portion and try it. If you don't like it then there is also lamb which falls off the bone and baked chicken. Everything here is good.  Click HERE for more info.  


Just after Mullins beach is another little place called Cheers. This is also popping on a Friday night with barbecue and karaoke.  Click HERE for more info.  

North Coast

North Coast | Beaches

As you leave St. Peter and head into St. Lucy there are fewer beaches. The north coast wasn’t made for swimming and paddle boarding, it was meant for adventures. One of my favorite places on the island has got to be North Point which is the same place as the Animal Flower Cave. If you come up here on a good day you will see the waves crashing against the rocks in the most amazing way.

River Bay

As you leave Animal Flower Cave you can turn left and head down to River Bay which is a beautiful secluded bay and you can hike up the hills and check out the scenery. After this stop you will make your way to Cherry Tree Hill, this place has one of the most beautiful views of the whole East coast.  Click HERE for more info. 

North Coast | Places to Eat

Moon Town

As you reach St Lucy you will pass Moon Town, this is a smaller version of Oistins. Freshly caught fish with some great bajan side dishes make this place fantastic.

There are plenty rum shops along the way to grab beers as you do your island tours. Click HERE for more info. 

East Coast

East Coast | Beaches


Cattlewash is the first beach you will reach on the east coast. The rough seas and strong currents make it dangerous to swim in, but definitely get out and go for a walk. The scenery is different from the south or west coasts, it is more rugged and raw. Click HERE for more info. 


The next beach you will come to is Bathsheba, home of Soup Bowl, our world class surfing spot. Sit on top of one of the hills and take in the views or walk along the beach. 

After Bathesheba there are lots of other little bays to explore. As you make your way south you will spot a lighthouse also known as East Point lighthouse, there are amazing views of the whole east coast. There is nowhere here to swim but the view is worth the stop. Crane beach and Bottom Bay should also be explored.  Click HERE for more info.  

Bottom Bay

Bottom Bay is quite secluded so maybe just pop in and check it out before heading onto Crane Beach. The water is rough but it's a blast for jumping through the waves. Click HERE for more info. 

East Coast | Places to Eat

East Point Grill

There are a few other rum shops dotted along the east coast by Soup Bowl.
As you continue way down to the Ragged Point Lighthouse you will come to East Point Grill another popular place on the weekends for pudding and souse and barbecue.  Click HERE for more info.  

Lemon Arbor

In St John there is another little rum shop called Lemon Arbor, it’s located in a residential area as well. Saturdays are the day to go for pudding and souse and more barbecue!

There are so many other places to be found here on our little island paradise. There is a lot of good food along with good beer and rum, there is no reason not to have a great time on the island no matter how long you’re here for.  Click HERE for more info.

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Learn More About Stacey

Stacey is a 28 year old personal trainer who obtained her Chemistry degree from the University of the West Indies in Barbados. She has always loved travelling and two years ago her passion for travel was renewed on a trip to Morocco and since she has been to South Africa, Peru and New Zealand. The next trip will be Iceland in October.
Follow her adventures at http://www.wanderingbajan.com

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