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How to Plan Your First US Road Trip

Jul 22, 2016 1 comment
How to Plan Your First US Road Trip

Road Trips are an awesome way to see the American landscape for an affordable price.  Our lil' country has a TON of amazing sites to see with several geographical locations in mind.  So, where the heck do you start on your road trip adventure?  



When it comes to transportation, the best bet is to use your own vehicle.  Why?

Well, rental rates are an instant killer.

For example, one of our lvtrvl Team Members rented a vehicle for their California Road Trip.  They rented the vehicle in San Francisco and returned it in San Diego (about a 400 mile drive down the coast) for a Pacific Coast Road Trip.  

The cost was more than $1,100 for 5 days!  

Why so pricey?  

Rental companies are known for receiving an influx of vehicles, especially during the summer from other locations.  

To discourage individuals from roadtrippin' (yep, we're coining that phrase) companies like Alamo, Enterprise and National boost their prices astronomically.  

So, in our opinion, it's best to use your own vehicle.  

Trust us, it's better in the long run.  If you absolutely have to use a rental vehicle or you have cash to spare, check out the links below for a few discounts.  These sites aggregate the best prices across the web:

Kayak Rental Deals

Expedia Car Rentals



Next up, you want to think about what you'll need.  

Depending on how long your road trip is, you want to be sure you have enough supplies to last you 5 days or 30.  

Below, we've organized a list into groups of items we think are necessary for your trip.  

The Road Trip Supplies Essentials

Guide: Crucial |  Recommended  |  Could Go Without It

Comfortable Clothing - you're going to be driving a lot.  

There's no need for high heels, super tight jeans or stylish button ups during your driving days. Be sure to pack tons of "gym" clothes that are loose fitting and comfortable for the long haul.

Smartphone - You're going to want to have a solid smartphone with GPS capabilities.  

Now, since you're going to be driving all over the country, there might be quite a few places without cell tower usage.  

There's a pretty awesome feature from Google Maps that let's you download specific locations to your device before your trip.

We suggest doing so to prevent you from becoming lost on the open road.  

The link is right here: Download Google Maps Areas

Portable ChargerThis is down-right crucial to your survival.  

We get it, a road trip is a time to unplug, but having a portable charger ensures your safety.  Having a portable charger that can provide much needed juice to your devices can be extremely handy.  

We use an affordable one from Amazon.  Here's the link: Amazon Portable Charger

Emergency Gear - You should always have a spare tire, set of jumper cables, a jack, and roadside assistance on your phone at all times.   As an added precaution, a First Aid Kit would be beneficial in case of an emergency, too.

Travel Dry Bag - Travel dry bags are the perfect companion for keeping your belongings safe.  Shop our high-quality bags below:

Proper Documentation - Your Driver's License is crucial anytime behind the wheel. Also, your registration, and proof of insurance, and if you'll be crossing borders, don't forget your passports on your journey! 

FoodA great way to save is to purchase food ahead of time during the duration of your trip!

Packing lightweight snacks to avoid fast food along the way includes fruit, pretzels, granola (avoid the flaky ones, your car will thank you!) sandwiches and food that doesn't require refrigeration.  

Also, packing a small cooler with a few water bottles that you can refill along the way can do WONDERS!

Active Gear - It's always a good idea to stay active on your journey.  Driving cross-country can be exhausting and a lot of wear and tear on your body.  

We suggest packing a frisbee, playing cards, laptop and an action camera like the GoPro to actively capture your hikes, travels and beach days.  

We never vacay without our Stylish Dry Bags to keep our belongings safe at ALL times.  You can browse our inventory HERE to choose one that fits your style.

Also, don't forget to bring a good book to catch up on your reading while your partner or friends take the wheel. 

Tech - A few additional items can include a travel alarm clock, digital compass, extra batteries and a flashlight.  

You want to be one with nature, but you also want to be connected enough to have a great time.   


The last piece of planning your first US Road Trip ends with the destinations you have in mind.  It can be pretty difficult to plan your stops, drive, locations and landmarks on the way.  

So, we've compiled a list of amazing apps to help you choose a path.  Check out the links below on how you should travel on your First US Road Trip.  

Roadtrippers - Road Trip Planner Map & Travel Guides - this nifty app helps you plan your summer road trip with friends or find an amazing place nearby you never knew existed.

Download it here: iOS | Android - One word: awesome.  Get instant access to detailed maps of all countries from anywhere in the world!

No internet connection is required.  

With more than 40m downloads it's a GREAT app to use for planning your journey. 

Download it here: iOS | Android

World Travel Guide by Triposo - Another app that works offline, Triposo is your smart travel guide.  By crunching through millions of websites and reviews to deliver unique recommendations across 50,000 destinations worldwide, this app is a great addition to our list!

Personalize your trip by picking your favorite hotels, sights, activities and restaurants and book them seamlessly in the app!

Need something to take care of your belongings?  Browse our Travel Dry Bags


Well, we wish you safe travels on your journey!  if you have anything to add, we respond to comments!  


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