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How to Pack a Travel Dry Bag

Aug 15, 2016 1 comment
How to Pack a Travel Dry Bag


Here's how to properly pack your travel dry bag.  

1. Place all of your belongings inside your Travel Dry Bag.  Be sure to fill it up to 3/4th’s full at most.

2. Begin folding over the black strip, making sure to keep it flush and flat.

3. Fold it over 3 - 4 times until you feel the bag become air tight.

4. Grab the clasps at each end, and clasp together until you hear the SNAP.

5. Lastly, squeeze your bag a bit to make sure no air is released.

Ok, you’re ready to TRAVEL!  Browse our Travel Dry Bags Below!

Disclaimer: While our dry bags are made to take a beating from water, dirt and the environment, we DO NOT recommend submerging your travel dry bag underwater for long periods of time.

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