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8 Beautiful Travel Destinations to Visit in October

Fall is one of the best times a year to see tons of new locations.

Leaves are changing or perhaps even falling, temperatures are more suitable for travelers abroad and it’s just an all-around great time of year to be inspired. Here are 8 beautiful destinations that you should really consider booking a flight to right now!

1. London, England

During the month of October in London the climate is cool and there’s a lot of attractions to see. Places such as Hyde Park and Buckingham Palace are blooming with flowers and it’s not too warm or muggy. This can be a cooler climate during this time of year, so be sure to pack accordingly.

Average Weather this Time of Year: 55°F  |  13°C

2. Paris, France

During the months of August and September Paris is usually less crowded. The parks are incredible for a stroll and it makes the ideal time of year to travel with a love interest for a bit of night cuddling. Be sure to bring a hat and scarf for the colder days.

Average Weather this Time of Year: 54°F  |  12°C

3. Niagara Falls, New York

If you’ve never been to one of the greatest wonders of the world, then plan your trip to Niagara Falls for a great way to start off the fall. Again, it’s not as crowded due to cooler temperatures.

Your flight may be less expensive during this time of year as well, since it’s now an off season. A word of caution, it can get booked fast, so don’t hesitate to make your reservations ahead.

Average Weather this Time of Year: 54°F  |  12°C

4. Central Park, New York

Central Park in New York during this time of year is absolutely breathtaking. The leaves and their majestic colors, the crisp breeze and a hot cup of your favorite drink allows you to live the good life. Be sure to travel with someone in this area to appreciate it together.

Average Weather this Time of Year: 54°F  |  12°C

5. Japan, East Asia

Much like Central Park, Japan is full of rich oranges and warm yellow leaves as winter is just around the corner.  Although the peak colors can be seen more in November if the weather prevails, it should heed a full array of this is a great time to hike the trails.

Average Weather this Time of Year: 60°F  |  15°C

6. New England, United States

There’s nothing like the kaleidoscope of color during this time of year in old New England.

Boat tours are a definite way to see and travel throughout this part of the country. If you enjoy things like hiking, biking and jogging this is a great place to exercise during this time of year.

Average Weather this Time of Year: 83°F  |  28°C

7. Toronto, Canada

With the average temperature set around 60°, Toronto is a wonderful city to indulge in. This is the time of year when they’re celebrating with many of their festivals making entertainment here cost effective.

This time of year, light jackets and sweaters are ideal. This can be a big money saver as well since there will be less tourists this time of year.

Average Weather this Time of Year:  57°F  |  14°C

8. Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Next to the Atlantic Ocean and just as gorgeous as New England, the Cape is one place everyone should experience at least once.

You can take in a tour and see whales, participate in a Lobster Fest or just take in the incredible view. Whatever your desire, Cape Cod is sure to please. Don’t forget to bring multiple selections of clothing as temperatures can get down to the forties.

Average Weather this Time of Year: 54°F  |  12°C

From the incredible waters of the Atlantic Ocean to the tranquil and quiet parks of Japan, there’s a ton of options for you to consider. The only real decision is which place!  Get your travel gear below and travel in style:

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