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5 Ways to Travel On a Limited Budget

Oct 28, 2016 219 comments
5 Ways to Travel On a Limited Budget

You Don't Have to Be Rich to Travel the World.  

Yes, Really. 

There are thousands of individuals traveling the world on a budget, maintaining a satisfying existence with exotic food in their stomachs and the mediterranean wind at their backs.  

Just check out a few of our favorite (frugal) travel bloggers here, here and here

In today's blog, we break down 5 ways to travel the world with a limited budget.  So, get that coin jar ready, we're seeing the world!

 1. For Flights, Use the Hitlist App

Hitlist is a relatively low key app that provides tremendous value.  Basically, build a list of places you would like to visit or choose from recommended destinations.

Based on what you would want to spend on a flight, Hitlist continually scans millions of fares and bring you the best itineraries to help you know the optimal time to travel.

Oh, and it's free.  BOOM!

Download it here:  iOS | (no Android yet)

 2. Work Remotely

It's a different world.

Nowadays, plenty of travelers work as they travel.  For those that only need an internet connection, like Social Media Managers, Web Developers and Bloggers, they can travel around the world while living on a consistent salary.  

For those not as digitally savvy, there are a plethora of other careers to choose from including: FarmingVolunteering Overseas and Teaching English Overseas.

3. Use Airbnb for Lodging

If you've been living under a rock the past few years, then you're missing out on a frugal traveler's dream come true!

In short, Airbnb allows you to rent the homes of people around the world.  With  1,500,000+ listings in 34,000 cities and 191 countries, it's a no brainer and can save you HUNDREDS over hotels.  

Click HERE to check out some properties.

Airbnb Pro Tip:  Look for sellers that have a lot of reviews and beautiful property pictures as it's a solid indicator that they're a stellar seller( yup, that rhymed ).   

4. Travel to Affordable Locations

Travel can be pricey.  We know. 

Especially if you want to book a suite in the Gili Lankanfushi, Maldives which will run you $1100 a night!

You're in luck. There are thousands of places around the world that are extremely affordable.  According to Nomadic Matt:

"Visit the smaller countries in Central America — think El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Guatemala. Here you will find most budget hotels for around $15 per night, meals for $3, most bus journeys for the same price, and beer for less than a dollar."

For more destinations, check out the article 10 Destinations to Visit When You're a Budget Traveler 

 5. Eat What the Locals Eat

When you're on vacation you tend to eat out a lot at the best restaurants.  Especially when prices are a bit higher in areas that have a high volume of tourists. 

To avoid racking up cash on food, try eating where and how the locals do it.  

  • Is there a fresh market locally you could try?
  • Do your accommodations have a kitchen?
  • Have you tried non-touristy areas?

These are just a few questions to ask yourself.  Also, it's a good idea to pack a few snacks to eat throughout the day to keep you well fed!

Bonus! Use a Travel Bag to Keep Belongings Safe

Traveling can be pretty strenuous.  

From the walking, hiking, kayaking and adventurous activities it's a good idea to keep a dry bag ready to safely protect your items from exposure to water, dirt and damage.  

Dry bags are easy to find and simple to use.  Feel free to browse our travel dry bags below and find out how to use them right HERE

Do you guys have anything to add?  Sound off in the comments!

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